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"I appreciated your time and patience with this 'nasty little tooth'. I feel 100% better and have no pain at all. I'm a big baby in the dental chair, and you put those fears to rest. Also, please thank your wonderful staff. You were all very good to me."

--Julie I.

"Just a thank you for all your concern and effort to help me through the root canal. You're all wonderful professionals. Thanks again!"

--Carolyn S.

"Thank you one and all for making a root canal into the most informative, pleasant, and supportive experience I could have imagined. You guys are the best!"

--Joan K.

"Thank you so much for fitting me in and taking care of me so well! I really appreciate all the things you and your office have done. It was an honor to work with such a caring and professional staff."

--Colleen E.

"Thank you for taking my daughter Allysan on short notice and performing a very successful root canal. She had a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to run the Turkey Trot. Thank you!"

--Pam F.

"I appreciate, as always, your excellent care during my recent root canal. Best wishes!"

--John H., M.D.

"I was in your office last night for a root canal and I just had to tell you what an amazing job you did. You and your staff are HECA AWESOME!!!"

--Veronica B.

"I couldn't chew on the right side. My dentist recommended a root canal specialist. Saw Dr. Krupp immediately. Scheduled root canal for two days later. On the day of the root canal, I gave history of my jaw and druthers. I was offered various iPods stacked with various types of music, a blanket to keep warm, and safety sunglasses. I passed on the iPod. Dr. Krupp gave explanations when he could as I requested. All went comfortably, very well and smoothly. Root canal was no big deal. Really."

--Patricia S.



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